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My Fave Pole Dance Performances of 2018

Fiona Perso

Posted on January 29 2019

That’s it ladies and gentlemen, we have closed the door on 2018 and we move forward into 2019 with new goals and dreams for our pole lives.

I thought it would be good to reflect on the year that was by sharing some of my favourite performances of the year. I know I’m just showing the tip of the iceberg here and most of these are from the second half of the year because that’s what's fresh in my mind and I have a terrible memory. Regardless I hope you enjoy either seeing these performances for the first time, or revisiting them.

 Yvonne Smink - Pole Theatre 2018 - Pole Art Winner

This performance was utterly mesmerising and unforgettable, it’s the epitome of pole dancing as an art form. It made me feel. Uncomfortable mostly, but when a performance evokes any emotional response from the audience and transports you somewhere else it’s a thing of beauty.

Fontaine Bradbury | Asia Pole Championship 2018 – Guest Performer

I love this performance because it’s a little unexpected. It's Fontaine doing her trademark exotic goddess style, but dancing to a song that you’d expect to see more of a contemporary style of pole dancing applied to.



2018 PSO U.S. National Pole Champion, Ashley Fox

I held my breath a couple of times watching this performance. There are pole dancing tricks in here that I’ve never dreamed were possible, and damn they look scary.


Hanka Venselaar - International Pole Championships 2018

Hanka is one of my favourite pole dancers to stalk on Instagram, her static rotations and transitions are amazing and will leave you wondering WTF just happened. You’ll need to slow it down and analyse it if you want to try some of her pole combos yourself. This performance captures her unique movements and style and will leave you wanting more.


I know there are so many more performances that are worthy of this list, but 4 is all I’m giving you.

Please share your favourites for 2018 and let’s get inspired to reach new heights and smash some pole goals in 2019.


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