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  • Pole dancer performance photo

    Instagram, Shadow Bans, and the war on female bodies and empowerment

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock or are one of those rare individuals who don’t use social media, you’d be aware that Instagram has taken to Shadow Banning a lot of content related to pole dancing in recent times. So what's a Shadow Ban, what does it man for our Insta accounts and why does any of it matter?

  • Pole dancer performing on stage

    Tips for taking pics and vids for Insta

    If you’re anything like the perfectionist that I am, you have great intentions of posting all your new moves and combos on Instagram BUT, you just can’t get the picture or video that you want. You’re not in the middle of the screen, you’re too high, too low, there’s people in the background, people walking in front of your camera when you finally have the perfect angle. It’s a minefield of obstacles to amazing self-photography and videography. Once again I've come to your aid, and my own, by seeking out the best gizmos and gadgets to help us amateurs nail out Insta tiles. Behold!

  • Poledancer performing split trick

    Top 5 things that can go wrong on stage, and how to plan for them

    I have a recurring nightmare leading up to pole dance competitions. It’s the terrible, I’m running late and no matter what I do things just get worse and I become later and later and it’s just a big negative feedback loop of stress. I can’t find my clothes, my car keys are missing, traffic is terrible. The stress is so tangible during the dream that I wake up still feeling it, fumbling in the dark for my phone so I can check the time and date and make sure everything is OK and I haven’t slept through my alarm. Then there’s the nightmare of, I’ve forgotten my entire routine. I’m standing side of stage, sweating it up, frantically trying to pull anything out of my memory bank that resembles the routine I’ve been working on for the past two months, but nothing is forthcoming. That dream always ends before I make it to the stage, so for all I know it could end with me nailing a freestyle performance for the first time in my life.

    These things are pretty unlikely to occur in real life, but there are other, not quite so dramatic things that can and probably will go wrong at some point in your performing life. The good news is, you can prepare and recover from most of these things and still put on a great show.

  • How to care for your Pleasers

    How to care for your Pleasers

    They adorn the feet of many an exotic goddess and can be a pole dancer’s best friend. They open up a whole new world of possibilities for split drops, tuck unders and heel bangs that you’d have to be a little crazy to try in your bare feet. But all of this banging and sliding takes its toll on our beloved shoes and before long they’re beautiful façade is scuffed, chipped and worn out. Whether it’s chrome, glitter, suede or matte, they all suffer the same fate. It’s a knife to the heart of all pole dancers when our beloved heels are no longer performance or even Insta video fit. And all too often it happens all too FAST! So how can we extend the shelf life of our fave shoes and save our hearts and wallets some heartache.

  • Pole dancer performing front splits

    Stretches For Awesome Front Splits

    When I first started pole dancing I really wanted my front splits, mostly because the Jade split was a dream move that I wanted to conquer. There are so many pole moves that use splits, it’s usually pretty high on every pole dancer’s wish list. I went really hard with my stretching routine and had my front splits flat in about 6 months, and by really hard, I mean I was stretching EVERY DAY. Not a full session every day, but at least 10-15 minutes every day. I had really tight hamstrings so had to focus more on those than on my hip flexors, I spent a lot of time in downward facing dog, still do actually. It may take you longer, or it may be easier for you depending on the flexibility level you have currently and the time you’re willing to put in. If you want front splits, the main muscles you need to stretch are your hips flexors, hamstrings and glutes, all the big ones in the legs basically. I put together a routine that worked for me targeting these muscles using stretches I’d learned from pole class, my time as a basketballer and yoga practice. And then I did it religiously until I achieved my goal of a flat split.