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  • 10 Reasons To Start Pole Dancing This Year

    Fiona Perso

    Posted on January 14 2019

    10 Reasons To Start Pole Dancing This Year
    It’s a new year, the time for goal setting and New Year’s resolutions etc so if pole dancing is something you’ve been thinking of trying then it’s the perfect time to take the leap and give it a whirl. Maybe you have friends or family members who are already involved in the sport, or maybe you’ve just seen some cool pole dancing babes on Instagram or Facebook and thought to yourself. “Hey, that looks like fun!” Whatever your current fitness level don’t be deterred, the most common reasons I hear from people for not trying pole dancing are “I’m not strong enough” or “I’m not flexible enough”. Guess what, neither was I when I first started, that’s why you start, to learn and grow in an environment with professionals who will give you all the support you need. Amazing levels of strength and flex aren’t required to enjoy pole dancing, remember there’s dancing involved, it’s not all mind blowing tricks and splits. Still not convinced, let me break it down for you with my ten reasons to start pole dancing.
  • How to structure your pole training practice session

    Fiona Perso

    Posted on December 23 2018

    How to structure your pole training practice session
    We’re all guilty of it. We rock up to pole dance training with lots of good intentions but no real idea of what we want to work on. Then we spend half the time just standing around thinking of what we should be doing, or chatting to friends. If we want to get more out of our pole training sessions, then like any other work out, we need a plan of attack. I find it works best if I write down what I want to work on beforehand. Follow the same structure that you would in pole class with your instructors. There’s a reason that pole dance classes are structured the way they are. One for safety, and two, to optimise the training time available.