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  • Managing Your Flex-pectations

    Fiona Perso

    Posted on May 09 2018

    Managing Your Flex-pectations
    One of the first things you realise when you first start pole dancing is that a degree of flexibility is a necessity. A lot of pole moves centre on splits, fronts, middles and everyone’s favourite the fake split. Not to mention the complex beasts that are shoulder and back flexibility. Unless you’re one of those annoying people who come from a gymnastics, calisthenics, ballet, dance background, then you’re probably in the same boat that I was, and starting from scratch. What follows is a list of all the things I wish I’d known before I started my stretching journey:
  • Bad Kitty Product Review

    Fiona Perso

    Posted on March 14 2018

    Bad Kitty Product Review
    Bad Kitty, it’s the brand we all know and love, the original pole dance clothing, creators of the celebrated scrunch bum, making bums everywhere look amazing. But with so many great options of styles and colours, how does one make the all important decision of which items to fill their pole wardrobes with. To assist with these potentially life altering choices I have taken on the very hard job of testing and reviewing a variety of Bad Kitty pole dance clothes for you. Read on and enjoy the enlightenment about to be bestowed upon you.