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  • How to care for your Pleasers

    How to care for your Pleasers

    They adorn the feet of many an exotic goddess and can be a pole dancer’s best friend. They open up a whole new world of possibilities for split drops, tuck unders and heel bangs that you’d have to be a little crazy to try in your bare feet. But all of this banging and sliding takes its toll on our beloved shoes and before long they’re beautiful façade is scuffed, chipped and worn out. Whether it’s chrome, glitter, suede or matte, they all suffer the same fate. It’s a knife to the heart of all pole dancers when our beloved heels are no longer performance or even Insta video fit. And all too often it happens all too FAST! So how can we extend the shelf life of our fave shoes and save our hearts and wallets some heartache.

  • Pole dance performance photo

    The Most Painful Pole Dance Tricks

    Pole dancing is painful. The entire premise is built on the fact that you need to hold yourself off the floor by pressing your body into a metal pole. All pole dance moves are a bit painful when you first begin learning, but your skin and body adapts and most things become tolerable quite quickly. There are some moves however which just seem to bring the same level of pain no matter how many times you do them. There’s skin pinching and tearing Chinese burn style, direct bone on pole contact and grips in really sensitive places. If you ever master these moves, I think you just have to keep doing them consistently for eternity. I’m sure if you take a break for any longer than a week the pain will come bouncing right back at you while the pole dance gods laugh evilly in the background. Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present the most painful pole dance moves of all time.

  • Pole dance performance photo

    The best sites to shop for pole dance costumes

    There’s a lot of amazing pole wear out there, but when it comes to costumes for competition routines you really want to be unique and stand out from the crowd. You’re scored on costume so it’s pretty damn important, you don’t want to miss out on a placing because your costume was just the usual training wear that anyone can buy. It has to be a statement. So I’ve scoured the internet to find the best places to scout out costume wear for your upcoming performances.

  • Bad Kitty logo, pole dancer wearing Bad Kitty pole dance clothing

    Bad Kitty Product Review

    Bad Kitty, it’s the brand we all know and love, the original pole dance clothing, creators of the celebrated scrunch bum, making bums everywhere look amazing. But with so many great options of styles and colours, how does one make the all important decision of which items to fill their pole wardrobes with. To assist with these potentially life altering choices I have taken on the very hard job of testing and reviewing a variety of Bad Kitty pole dance clothes for you. Read on and enjoy the enlightenment about to be bestowed upon you.

  • Pole Threads, Bad Kitty and Creatures of XIX company logos

    Pole Threads - A Journey In 7 Inch Heels

    Come on a journey through the deranged psyche of a woman afflicted with an addiction to pole dancing. Witness her torturous descent into a madness filled with scrunch bum booty shorts, 7 inch heels and a total disregard for the need to wear pants!