Pole dancer performing front splits

Stretches For Awesome Front Splits

When I first started pole dancing I really wanted my front splits, mostly because the Jade split was a dream move that I wanted to conquer. There are so many pole moves that use splits, it’s usually pretty high on every pole dancer’s wish list. I went really hard with my stretching routine and had my front splits flat in about 6 months, and by really hard, I mean I was stretching EVERY DAY. Not a full session every day, but at least 10-15 minutes every day. I had really tight hamstrings so had to focus more on those than on my hip flexors, I spent a lot of time in downward facing dog, still do actually. It may take you longer, or it may be easier for you depending on the flexibility level you have currently and the time you’re willing to put in. If you want front splits, the main muscles you need to stretch are your hips flexors, hamstrings and glutes, all the big ones in the legs basically. I put together a routine that worked for me targeting these muscles using stretches I’d learned from pole class, my time as a basketballer and yoga practice. And then I did it religiously until I achieved my goal of a flat split.