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The best sites to shop for pole dance costumes

Written by Fiona Perso

There’s a lot of amazing pole wear out there, but when it comes to costumes for competition routines you really want to be unique and stand out from the crowd. You’re scored on costume so it’s pretty damn important, you don’t want to miss out on a placing because your costume was just the usual training wear that anyone can buy. It has to be a statement. So I’ve scoured the internet to find the best places to scout out costume wear for your upcoming performances.

Bra’s & Things

I love Bra’s & Things, I think they’ve pretty much over taken Honey Birdette for pretty lingerie that can double as a pole costume. Just my personal opinion at the moment, but I’d definitely be more inclined to spend my hard earned coin at Bra’s & Things right now. They used to have a bit of a mumsy feel to them, but in recent years have upped their style game and are putting out some amazing pieces. Bonus, they’re also way more affordable than Honey.

Bras and Things screenshot


Etsy is a worldwide marketplace for handmade and vintage items and they have some amazing costume pieces. Because it’s vintage or handmade they can be pretty expensive sometimes, but overall I find their pricing very reasonable. There are some pole dance specific designers on Etsy as well, and due to the international flavour it’s unlikely every man and his dog will have them in Australia. At the very least you should check out their website for some inspiration.

 Etsy screenshot

Playful Promises

Based in the UK, they stock a lot of quirky, playful and unique designs that can be easily converted into pole dance costumes. And they just launched an Australian website. I really love them for their use of models of all sizes and shapes, unlike some who use the same white, skinny models all the time, not mentioning any names. Make sure you’ve got plenty of spare time to browse when you go to check them out, they have a large range of items and styles, bras, knickers, corsets, harnesses, swim wear and hosiery.

 Playful Promises screenshot

Honey Birdette

It’s a well known brand among pole dancers and an easy go to for costumes, I’ve seen many a lady grace the stage or do a photo shoot in their Honey wear. It’s not cheap, but on the plus side it is reusable, you can wear it again for its intended purpose as underwear. I find their Bras are really good, good support and coverage, the same can’t always be said for their knickers, they tend to do a lot of see through or very revealing cut outs, so be aware of the costume rules for your particular competition.

Honey Birdette screenshot

The best of bespoke

If you want bespoke then be prepared to pay for it, having said that it’ll probably cost around the same as buying a set from Honey Birdette depending on the complexity and the crystal madness that may ensue.

There are a few costume makers in Australia who specialise in pole dance and aerial wear for competition. Georgia Moon of course, she’s been responsible for some of the most iconic costumes to grace the MPDA stage. Her costumes have graced the awesome bodies of Cleo The Hurricane, Carlie Hunter, Andrea Ryff and Blue Pheonix to name but a few.

Costumes by Kim is another great one whose work is starting to pop up in a lot of competitions, Dani Blyszak is a big fan.

I’ve worked with both of these lovely ladies and they’re both easy to work with and made great quality costumes. Check out their Insta pages to see all their amazing pieces.

Need Inspo??

Pinterest! If you’re struggling for inspo for your costume check out Pinterest. Search your theme, or even just search for “pole dance costume” and scroll away. Many hours of my life have been spent trolling the endless pages of Pinterest pics. They’re also great for finding hair and makeup inspo.

 Pinterest screenshot

What are your go to shops for costume wear, share below.

Happy shopping lovlies xx



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