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The Best Pole Dancing Memes On The World Wide Web

Written by Fiona Perso

When it comes to memes pole dancers are no different from the average person. We f%$kin love them! I mean who doesn’t enjoy the wholesome goodness and LOLs of a meme. To save all you lovely people the trouble of trolling the internet for hours on end in search of pole dancing memes, I’ve done all the hard work for you and now proudly present to you a compilation of my favourite pole dancing memes. Insert dramatic drum roll here!

Harold the pole dancing reindeer. Be like Harold, don’t listen to the naysayers. If you want to grab a pole and be a pole dancing goddess then you go ahead and do it.

Pole dancing meme Harold the reindeer

Even though most pole dance classes are very reasonably priced, the desire to add more classes to one’s schedule could soon have you working overtime to feed your addiction. At the start of a new pole dancing term I always feel like taking in a big wad of cash and chucking it around like confetti, make it rain bitches!!

Pole dancing meme take my money

We’ve all experienced days like this after an absolutely grinding session of pole dancing. Learn to love that burn!

Pole dance meme the day after class

That’s right ladies pole dancing will turn you into a flying kick ass ninja woman. You’ll do things you never imagined yourself capable of under the trusted guidance and teachings of your sensei!

Pole dancing meme ninjas

Pole dancers are the ultimate multi taskers, always trying to work on everything at once. The sport has so many elements to it that you’ll never get bored and never run out of areas to work on.

Pole dancing meme working on

In the same way that you can't have nice things when you own a cat, you can’t have nice hands when you pole dance. Say goodbye to your nice baby smooth hands and prepare for some awesome callouses. My favourite part is when they blister and burst and then you put dry hands on the open wound and start jumping around in class and swearing your head off because it stings like the fires of hell!! Give it a try, it’s REALLY fun!

Pole dancing meme hands

Another thing you can’t have when you pole dance. Body proportions that fit into society’s predetermined cardboard cut outs of what women’s bodies should look like. Prepare to meet your upper body muscles! Biceps, triceps, deltoids, lats, traps, you’ll be able to see them all live and in full colour. Chances are you’ll go up a size on the top half, and clothes just won’t fit like they used to. But on the plus side you’ll be a motherf$%king ninja so who gives a toss!

Pole dancing meme pole dancer barbie

Like tennis players you will have a dominant side where life is easy and things feel good and balanced. Then you’ll have the other side where things are dark and confusing and nothing works quite the way it should. All pole dancers are familiar with this phenomenon.

Pole dancing meme only one side

This is the look you’ll give your pole dance teacher when she asks you to do things on this other unfamiliar and scary side. Try not to hate your instructors too much, they have your best interests at heart.

Pole dancing memes the other side

I’m pretty sure that this meme is based on my pole instructor and her endless battle with trying to get me to point my toes and straighten my legs. It’s a terrible burden for your pole instructors to carry so POINT YOUR DAMN TOES everyone.

Pole dancing meme point your toes

Here ends the pole dancing meme list. So many LOLs have been had! Hopefully this has brightened your day, pass it on to others so they may share in our joy and laughter!



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