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Tips for taking pics and vids for Insta

Written by Fiona Perso

If you’re anything like the perfectionist that I am, you have great intentions of posting all your new moves and combos on Instagram BUT, you just can’t get the picture or video that you want. You’re not in the middle of the screen, you’re too high, too low, there’s people in the background, people walking in front of your camera when you finally have the perfect angle. It’s a minefield of obstacles to amazing self-photography and videography. Once again I've come to your aid, and my own, by seeking out the best gizmos and gadgets to help us amateurs nail out Insta tiles. Behold!

Biggest Tip

Instead of trying to capture the perfect pole dance photo with a timer or remote clicker or even a friend. Simply record a video and screenshot the image you want out of it. You may discover some tricks look better at angles that you hadn’t thought of before or it may be the transition rather than the pole move itself that becomes the perfect shot.

Handy Gadgets

Mini Tripod

Get a mini tripod. They’re cheap, you can get one from Kmart for under $10 and they make life so much easier. No more of this trying to balance your phone against the wall, yoga block, your drink bottle or any other random item lying around the studio. Set the tripod up on the floor or a chair and record away.

Smartphone Tripod

Video Editing Apps

 Get a video editing app on your smartphone. I’ve got InShot which I find works for what I need, but there are plenty out there for you to explore.

These allow you to crop, trim, filter, add text or stickers. Most importantly you can alter the speed of your video to throw the Insta police off the trail of whatever music you’re jamming too. It does also allow you to add music, they have their own library or you can use your own.

InShot Video Editing Smartphone App

Clip on phone camera lens

Depending on the space you’re working with you might benefit from adding a different lens to your phone. Or you might just be really into experimental photography. You can grab the below set for $30. The two that would probably prove most useful are the Fisheye and the Wide Angle, great for if you’re working in a smaller space.

Smartphone Clipon Lenses

Fisheye lens - a special type of ultra-wide angle lens. They are small, ultra-wide, and show a distorted, spherical view of the world, most evident in the curved, outer corners of the photo, known as the "fisheye effect".

Wide angle lens – technically speaking any lens with a short focal length. The shorter the focal length of the lens, the wider the field of view, and the more you'll be able to fit in your frame.

Macro lens - specifically designed for close up photography, but hey you might be into that kind of thing J

Telescopic lens - an attachment that helps to magnify distant objects. Both background and foreground of picture will be in good focus.

CPL filter (circular polarizer/linear) - is a glass attachment that can reduce the glare from reflected surfaces. Depending on the space you’re working in, mirrors, windows etc, this may help cut down on the glare reflecting off your pasty white legs. Or maybe that’s just me

Nano suction phone holder

Stick your phone to any surface with these nifty little gizmos. They still seem to be pretty new tech, I haven’t had any personal experience with them. But considering the layout of most studio, the mirror wall seems like a good place to be able to stick your phone to capture your superb pole dance stylings. This would also allow you to set the phone at the perfect height to catch your awesomeness without having to angle it in some weird fashion.

Nanosuction Smartphone

Helpful humanoid

Of course you could just forget the gadgets and find a pole friend willing to assist. I’ve always found that instructors in class are happy to help with filming as well.

Final word

Have fun experimenting, but don’t let not getting that perfect video or photo ruin your pole training sessions. Just because it doesn’t end up on Insta doesn’t mean it didn’t happen or that your training session wasn’t of value. Everytime you get off the couch and on, around or near the pole, you’re helping build up your strength, stamina and skill. Every single time.




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