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About Us

Hello and welcome to Pole Threads. 

The idea for this webstore came to me in a flash of inspiration when I ordered some pole wear from overseas, only to have it arrive and not fit. You can imagine my devastation, I'd waited forever for the items to arrive (well a few weeks, but when you're waiting for sparkly new pole wear it feels like a lifetime) and they didn't fit me. Not wanting to pay the shipping for returning the items, I simply ordered them again in the correct size, and began my long wait for them to arrive. Now maybe I'm a special kind of lazy and impatient, but to me this all seemed ridiculously hard and expensive. So I decided to create an online store to give all of the fabulous Australian polers easy and fast access to their favourite international pole wear brands. I'm hopeful this will save many the trauma that I have suffered at the hands of international shipping. Happy poling!